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Celebrating sloths with a 5k
02 Mar 2021
Things to Do
Posted by
Jane W

How Slow Can You Go? Survival of the Slowest 5k

The Florida Museum of Natural History has a VIRTUAL 5k in March 2021 to celebrate their special exhibit Survival of the Slowest (all about those slow critters - like sloths!). While the 5k is sold out (special thanks to all who registered!) the exhibit is open thru September 2021. You can meet animals that have survived for millions of years despite being very slow (hello sweet hedgehog). 

Team members from Hotel ELEO did participate in the 5k and a sloth could have beaten them. Yep. They were THAT slow. The team of two started walking at sunset. They say they were distracted by the beautiful campus. They stopped to watch the bats leave the UF Bat Houses for their night out (first stop - Lake Alice for a sip of water), watched a bit of a baseball game and took dozens of photos. Here we share their route and a few photos (yes! Hotel ELEO is within walking distance to the Harn Museum of Art and the Florida Museum of Natural History - but if you prefer to drive, parking is just $4 on weekdays and free on weekends, and entry to both museums is free). 

Going the extra mile - the 5k route

Hotel ELEO team members walked through the UF campus for the VIRTUAL Survival of the Slowest 5k. There is a lot to see when walking through the UF campus - including baseball games, lacrosse games, ultimate frisbee, and more! 

Lake Alice

The team took their time - distracted by the bats sipping water from Lake Alice as they flew from their homes at Lubee Bat Conservancy.

The team arrives at The Florida Museum of Natural History


Finally - after going the extra mile (or two by taking the scenic route) the team made it to The Florida Museum of Natural History.

Always take the scenic route - and this team did. There are shorter and faster ways to get to The Florida Museum of Natural History.

The full moon rose as the team walked back to the hotel and what a welcome sight! Covey Kitchen + Cocktails glowing a warm welcome.

Full moon over Covey Kitchen + Cocktails

While you can't buy a REAL sloth you can buy a really cute plush one from the gift shop at The Florida Museum of Natural History. He joined the team for a beverage as they sat outside at Covey Kitchen + Cocktails.

Plush sloth and a refreshment at Covey Kitchen + Cocktails

If you participate in the Survival of the Slowest 5k and reward yourself with a refreshing beverage at Covey, be sure to tag @coveykitchen on Instagram. We'd love to see your photos!