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Things To Do at Gainesville, Florida Hotel

Sports, History, Nature - Best Things to Do in Gainesville

Located on the University of Florida campus, near downtown Gainesville, our upscale hotel is close to many of the most popular attractions in North Central Florida. Enjoy a tour of the UF campus and check out the state-of-the-art facilities and inspiring attention to detail that make this one of the top-ranked public research universities in the country.
University of Florida at Gainesville, Florida Hotel
University of Florida
With its Gothic Revival architecture and 20 buildings that appear on the National Register of Historic Places, UF's sprawling campus is a must-see for anyone visiting Gainesville, Florida. Enjoy a tour of this preeminent research institution, and explore all the campus attractions, from the 157-foot-tall Century Tower to the Plaza of the Americas, and a whole lot more.
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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Gainesville, Florida Hotel
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Popularly known as "The Swamp", the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is the home ground of the Gators football team. Originally constructed in 1930, the stadium has had several facelifts over the years, transforming it into the state-of-the-art facility you see today. Cheer for the Gators and catch some of the best college football action at the largest stadium in the state of Florida.
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Butterfly Rainforest, Gainesville
Butterfly Rainforest
If you love nature, then you have to include the Butterfly Rainforest on your list of must-see attractions when you're visiting Gainesville, FL. Explore a vibrant ecosystem showcasing butterflies, birds, turtles, fish, bromeliads, orchids, and hundreds of other exotic flowering plants. And get a closer look at beautiful tropical butterflies as they feed on fresh-cut fruits.
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Florida Museum of Natural History of Gainesville, Florida Hotel
Florida Museum of Natural History
With over 40 million specimens and cultural artifacts from around the globe, the Florida Museum of Natural History is a treasure trove of knowledge. Located on the sprawling UF campus, this North Central Florida attraction combines research and preservation, focusing on both biological diversity and cultural heritage. Check out the fascinating exhibits and make your visit to Gainesville a bit more enlightening.
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University of Florida Bat House of Gainesville, Florida Hotel
University of Florida Bat House
Discover one of the largest occupied bat colonies in the world. Visiting the University of Florida bat barns and bat house is an experience you will not forget. The best time to visit is about twenty minutes before sunset. Watch as the sun descends below the horizon, and the bats start flying out - just a few at first, then more and more until there's a steady stream of up to 500,000 bats. It is truly a sight to behold.
Visit Website of University of Florida Bat House
Depot Park at Gainesville, Florida Hotel
Depot Park
Slow down and take it easy with a visit to Depot Park. Enjoy the amazing Florida weather as you take a leisurely stroll through the park or go for a refreshing morning run. Cool off with the visit to the Blue Grotto and check out the waterfall with ground jets and water cannons. And if all the exploring makes you hungry, you can always stop by the General Store at the park to grab a delicious bite.
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Thomas Center of Hotel Eleo at the University of Florida, Gainesville
Thomas Center
Once a private residence and hotel, today, this Mediterranean Revival-style building is the premier hub for cultural events in Gainesville, Florida. With contemporary art exhibitions, multiple restored period rooms, and numerous historical exhibits, the Thomas Center presents a window into the past and is an integral part of the cultural, civic, and social life of Gainesville.
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Hippodrome Theatre of Hotel Eleo at the University of Florida, Gainesville
Hippodrome Theatre
Founded in 1973 by local actors, the Hipp is a regional professional theatre in the heart of downtown Gainesville. Collaborating with extraordinary artists to create awe-inspiring productions, engaging education programs and events that capture the imagination, the Hippodrome Theatre provides a one-of-a-kind theatre and arts experience in North Florida.
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