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Twilight Tales: The Gainesville's Nightlife Guide

By: Amy Douglas / 16 Nov 2023

Hidden in plain sight, Gainesville is a trove of nighttime spots perfect for a thirst-quenching retreat. Whether you're rallying behind the Gators or celebrating, here's where adults can revel regardless of their age (well, you have to be 21!):


Havana's Wine and Cigar Lounge

Havana's is one of Gainesville's signature cigar lounges. Immerse yourself in the downtown beat, cigar in tow – Havana's promises an authentic experience. They offer cigars, cocktails, wine, beer, and even game nights (chess, of course). Find them at 116 SE 1st Street or on Instagram.


Sidecar and V's Pizza

Craving a masterfully crafted cocktail complemented by sizzling stone-fired pizza? V's Pizza, nestled in a charming downtown corner and neighbor to Havana's, boasts the chic cocktail space, Sidecar. Find them at 115 SE 1st St or on Facebook.



White Buffalo

For those with an itch to dance the night away, White Buffalo is the city's sizzling hotspot. Particularly favored by the younger crowd, it promises a night of euphoric rhythms. And remember, safety first; consider a rideshare for your journey back! Find them (after 9pm, Thurs-Sat) at 111 S Main Street or on Instagram


Baby J's

An experience that transports you to a chic Brooklyn bar, right in Gainesville's embrace. Baby J's, adjacent to its sibling, Cry Baby's, is celebrated for its iconic espresso martini and a seasonally rotating cocktail menu. As Gainesville's premier jazz bar, it strikes the right chord between music, ambiance, and drinks. The distinct playlist, even in the restroom, is a quirky touch! Find them at 7 W University Ave or on Instagram.


The Dime

Elevate your cocktail game at The Dime, an establishment that perfectly mirrors the innovative spirits of Baby J's. Despite its compact size, its grandeur is undeniable. The Dime takes pride in every meticulously crafted drink, offering an intimate atmosphere that resonates with the locals' warmth. As their website aptly puts it: "A cozy haven, pouring masterpieces by divinely inspired mixologists." Find them at 4 E University Ave and on Facebook.


Main Street Bar & Billiards

Located at the heart of Gainesville, Main Street Bar & Billiards offers an ideal haven for those with a penchant for pool and classic bar games. This iconic establishment combines the ambient hum of chatter with the rhythmic click of billiard balls, creating a nostalgic yet lively atmosphere. Alongside its well-maintained pool tables, patrons can indulge in darts, foosball, and a refreshing drink menu, making it the perfect spot to unwind, challenge friends, and soak in the authentic local vibe. Find them at 108 S Main Street and on Facebook.

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