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Ana and Brian held an intimate wedding in Gainesville, FL in November 2020. This photo is of the bride in her room at Hotel ELEO holding her flowers.
16 Dec 2020
Posted by
Rachel Griffin of MasterPiece Weddings

Love and Marriage in the time of Covid


Simply Elegant and Safe Weddings during COVID-19

Guest blog by Rachel Griffin of MasterPiece Weddings


Some real talk: Covid has definitely presented unique challenges to weddings this year, without a doubt. It's forced couples to make some difficult decisions about their plans, but here's the GOOD NEWS: it's not all bad!

Small and micro weddings can be incredibly meaningful and dreamy. I promise!

Ana and Brian's wedding had a total of only 11 guests, but was still FULL of love, special family moments, and beautiful decor. Their day was like stepping into a wedding dream.


Here are some adjustments we made:

- intimate guest count

- custom masks for the families

- live-streaming their ceremony where they had almost 100 of their extended family and friends watching along (all the props to Brian here!)

- built-in time to interact with them over the live stream

- all eating and dancing was outside, safely spaced, of course

- all vendors committed to safety protocols as well


What's more 2020 than a toast delivered over Facetime anyway, right?! 😁🙌


How are you adjusting your wedding plans?

Reach out to us for any advice or help. We're happy to brainstorm unique solutions with you.


❤️Rachel Griffin

MasterPiece Weddings