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24 Hours in Gainesville

By: Olivia Dingman / 09 Jun 2023
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Nestled in the heart of Florida, Gainesville offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and a vibrant college town atmosphere. If you find yourself with just 24 hours to spare in this captivating city, fear not! With careful planning and a dash of spontaneity, you can make the most of your short visit. In this blog post, we'll take you on a whirlwind tour of Gainesville, highlighting some must-see attractions, and offering an unforgettable dining experience at Covey and a comfortable stay at Hotel Eleo.



Start your day bright and early to make the most of your time in Gainesville. Kick off the morning with a stroll through the breathtaking Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. Spanning over 68 acres, these gardens boast an incredible variety of plants, including beautiful water lilies, giant Victoria water lilies, and the iconic bamboo groves. Take a leisurely walk along the winding paths, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in nature's tranquility.

After working up an appetite, head over to One Love Cafe, a local institution loved for its outdoor patio cafe, live music, and avocado toast. Indulge in a classic breakfast spread on Saturday and Sunday brunch or try their famous smashed burger. Don't forget to pair it with a steaming cup of coffee to fuel your day ahead.



Once you've refueled, it's time to explore the cultural side of Gainesville. Pay a visit to the Harn Museum of Art, located on the University of Florida campus. This impressive museum houses a diverse collection of artworks spanning various periods and cultures. From ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, you'll find something to pique your interest. Take your time to wander through the galleries and appreciate the creativity on display.

As the afternoon unfolds, embrace the vibrant energy of Gainesville's downtown area. Explore the eclectic boutiques, antique shops, and local art galleries that line the streets. Make a pit stop at the Hippodrome State Theatre, a historic venue renowned for its live performances and independent films. Catch a matinee show or check their schedule for any special events happening during your visit.

photo of people looking at art
Harn Museum of Art


As the sun starts to set, it's time to indulge in a delectable dinner at Covey. Located at the Hotel Eleo located on the University of Florida's campus, Covey is a culinary gem offering a unique dining experience. Their menu features a fusion of flavors, blending Southern comfort food with international influences. From their perfectly seared steaks to their innovative vegetarian dishes, Covey has something to satisfy every palate. Treat yourself to their signature dessert while savoring the warm and inviting ambiance of the restaurant.

Covey Kitchen + Cocktails at Hotel ELEO

After dinner, make your way into Hotel Eleo, a boutique hotel that exudes elegance and sophistication. With its modern design and luxurious amenities, Hotel Eleo promises a restful retreat. Unwind in your comfortable room, take a calming walk around the surrounding campus, or enjoy a nightcap at the restaurant's renowned bar.


Although 24 hours may seem limited, Gainesville offers a plethora of experiences to make your visit memorable. Whether you're immersing yourself in nature, exploring cultural treasures, savoring delicious cuisine at Covey, or relaxing at Hotel Eleo, Gainesville has something for everyone. So, next time you find yourself with just a day to spare in this vibrant city, don't hesitate to embark on your own Gainesville adventure.

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